Oral Presentations

Language of the presentation on-site/online

Animal Genetics, Plant Genetics, Microoganisms Genetics, Forensic Genetics
slides of the presentation in English, presenting in Polish or English. 


Human Genetics

slides of the presentation in Polish (regarding ethical and legal issues, genetic counseling, etc. where the vocabulary is non-genetic) or in English,  presenting in Polish



Oral presentations/on-site

For oral presentations, please prepare slides in  4x3 format (Power Point) and submit to   kongresgenetyki@gmail.com  by 24 June 2022,  please provide name, last name and symbol of the presentation published here: https://kongresgenetyki2022.jordan.pl/en/programme or please upload the presentation on-site on the day of your presentation 



Oral presentation/ online

Please find below information on how to perform the lecture online.

There are two options:


Option Description  Required actions / next steps

Live lecture

The lecture is given live via an online connection. A stable internet connection without a VPN is required. Presenting author gives a lecture and can take part in a live online discussion with the on-site session leaders.

  1. Confirmation of chosen option by the presenting author
  2. A Medorado representative contacts presenting author  to arrange a connection test and coordinates the test.
  3. It is required to provide slides in 4x3 format / Power Point / without animation - no later than 2 days before the session to the following email: kongresgenetyki@gmail.com

Recording of the lecture by yourself

The lecture is recorded by the presenting author himself and then played back during the session. Video format: mp4., Time: according to the agenda available here https://kongresgenetyki2022.jordan.pl/en/programme. This option is recommended in case of lack of live connection time during the session or lack of a stable Internet connection. Selecting this option does not exclude from joining live and participating in the discussion after playing the lecture.




  1. Confirmation of chosen option by the presenting author and information about willingness of joining live discussion
  2. Providing mp4 file via link, e.g. WeTransfer – no later than 4 days before session to the following email: kongresgenetyki@gmail.com
  3. If you have decided to join live discussion -  a Medorado representative will contact you to arrange and coordinate the connection test.


The personalised link to the broadcast of all congress sessions will be provided to registered email address  2 days before the start of the congress.

Links to deliver online lectures by the remote presenting authors and provided by Medorado are time-limited and are not dedicated the broadcast of the congress sessions.


Congress website: https://kongresgenetyki2022.jordan.pl/en
Programme of the congress: https://kongresgenetyki2022.jordan.pl/en/programme
Venue Auditorium Maximum UJ, Kraków ul. Krupnicza 33 


Confirmation of chosen option please sent to: kongresgenetyki@gmail.com by 20 June 2022 please provide name, last name and symbol of the lecture available here  https://kongresgenetyki2022.jordan.pl/en/programme